Autonomous Construction is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 225 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Specialized Isotopes, and allows further research in Focused Plasma and Depleted Isotopes.

"Infrastructure projects can benefit from this newly developed ability to auto-generate structures. Blueprints, bills of order, storage, planning, fabrication, and construction can now be done rapidly and autonomously by independent machines."

Coordinated Fleets IIIEdit


"A first step in handling large-scale maneuvers and multiple vessels, the use of sensors and systems to coordinate fleet movement provides a tactical advantage."

Damage Control CenterEdit

  • +3 Defense Shelter on Star System
  • +2 Control Recovery (Invasion) on Star System
  • -2 Dust on improvement

Cost : 200 Industry

"Based on a system-wide infrastructure of tightly coupled sensors, damage -- taken or inflicted -- is tracked, logged, and measured in order to maximize defensive effectiveness as well as aid in post-battle rebuilding."

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