Auriga is a planet in the Endless Space universe. It is the setting of Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend, both prequels to Endless Space. It is also featured in The Search for Auriga, an add-on for Endless Space: Disharmony.


Long ago during the time of the Endless, Auriga was the site of a major battle of the Dust Wars which devastated its environment. When the Endless disappeared, they left numerous ruins and remnants of technology, including Dust.

Many years later, the prison transport ship Success was traveling through Auriga's star system when it came under attack and was destroyed. A handful of prisoners escaped aboard the emergency pod LB Stephanie and crash landed on Auriga, deep within an underground Endless facility. To survive, the prisoners fought their way through the facility.

After generations, the descendants of the original prisoners had forgotten how their ancestors arrived on Auriga. They finally emerged on Auriga's recovered surface, forming eight distinct factions. As they began to populate Auriga, they soon discovered that the planet's seasons were incredibly long and harsh, leading them to realize that Auriga was dying. Over the next thousand years, the factions would fight to dominate Auriga and find a way to save themselves before the planet became uninhabitable.

The Vaulters, who descended from those very prisoners managed to build a ship, and were the only ones who managed to escape before a magneto-gravitational cataclysm froze the whole planet, a disaster that killed everyone else, including the Allayi, the planet's original native race.

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