Atmospheric Filtration is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 1800 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement and one Colonization option, requires research in Baryonic Shielding, and allows further research in Applied Atmospherics, Deuyivan Construction and Advanced Warp Gravitics.

"A first step in purifying and preparing planets for colonization or terraforming consists of reducing toxic elements in the atmosphere and creating tolerable chemical balances. Recent scientific advances mean that these processes can also be applied to gas giants."


The Pilgrims have this technology earlier in their technology tree, with a cost of only 300 Science. It has a prerequisite of Compact Fusion Reactors and leads to no further research.

Warp DriveEdit


Unlocks space travel without Cosmic String or Wormhole use

  • +5 Warp on Empire

"The math is not easy, but it is possible to create a warp 'bubble' around a starship, and accelerate it by compressing space-time in front of the bubble while expanding space-time behind. Though there are difficulties in navigation and maneuvering, it provides a way to move independently between stars."

Colonize Gas GiantEdit


"Gas giants are not so much colonized as endured. A great deal of energy is required to counteract the huge gravitational forces, the weather is lethal, and most activities must take place in carefully controlled domes. Were it not for the richness of rare elements, they wouldn't be bothered with at all."

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