Alternative Armors is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 510 Science. It unlocks one Support Module (Invasion) and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Isotope Fabrication or in Basic G2A Systems, and allows further research in Mobile Gauss Platforms.

"A side benefit of the space program, highly advanced fabrics and ceramics are developed that also have practical usage for armor. Layered, compressed, or reactive, they make buildings and vehicles highly resistant."


  • The Vaulters refer to this technology as "Neuro-Coupled Data". It has the following description: "One of the things discovered as a branch development of the Vaulter portal technology is the ability to directly 'feed' data into complex electrical networks -- including the brain. While extended sessions can be exhausting or even life-threatening, it provides an efficient way to rapidly disseminate large amounts of information to many learners."

Siege ArtilleryEdit

  • 180 Invasion
  • +10% Invasion on Ship

Cost : 28 Industry Weight: 25 Tonnage

"As materials science allows ever more powerful charges, payloads, and barrels, ship-based artillery is developed that can fire space-to-surface. As always, key to the success of new warheads is the understanding of the latest defensive armors."

Impervious BunkersEdit

  • +250 Defense on Star System
  • +15 Defense per Population on Star System
  • -1 Dust on improvement

Cost : 280 Industry

"By digging deep and using layers of armor that are by turns hardened, absorptive, and ablative, bunkers can be created that are considered to be almost uncrackable."

Insurgency Academies (Vaulters)Edit

  • +250 Defense on Star System
  • +15 Defense per Population on Star System
  • +1 Science per Population on Planets
  • -1 Dust on improvement

Cost : 280 Industry

"As the Vaulters are a people that have a long history of adapting to survive, a fundamental part of their education includes how to create defensive structures and weapons regardless of the local technology, biology, and geology. Training civilians and warriors to be dangerous with everyday tools improves both defense and everyday scientific knowledge."

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