Alien Barter Theory is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 4000 Science. It unlocks two Star System Improvements, requires research in Quantum Communications or in Optimized Logistics, and allows further research in Futuristic Game Theory and Advanced Scholastics.

"Many things influence the outcome of a negotiation--what the other wants, who influences them, how important it is, etc. Every alien race has different values, beliefs, and assumptions; studying these beforehand provides an enormous advantage."


The Harmony do not receive the Abundant Luxuries Star System Improvement. Also, this technology instead requires research in Xenominerology and allows further research in Perfect Forecasting.

Abundant LuxuriesEdit

  • -20% Buyout Bonus on Star System
  • -5 Dust on improvement

Cost: 450 Industry

"Trade and industrial systems are providing luxuries in such an efficient and inexpensive manner that the faction is now able to export, sell, and otherwise profit from a booming luxury trade. This has never before been possible, given previous constraints of scarcity and disposable income."

Space ElevatorEdit


Cost: 450 Industry

"Part of a long-term investment program in infrastructure, the creation of space elevators across the system to transfer goods and people from planet to orbit is a resounding success. Without key materials and techniques adopted from other societies this would not have been possible."

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