Advanced Scholastics is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 7500 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement, requires research in Alien Barter Theory (or for the Amoeba, in Galactic Brotherhood), and allows further research in Neural Net Society and Maximized Exploitation (plus, for the Amoeba, Perfect Negotiations).

"It has been proven innumerable times that the key to wealth and contentment is education. A highly advanced society, capable of educating all of its members to the degree that they are capable in the way that they desire, reaps enormous benefits. These come in the forms of a highly competent work force, participative government, and improved health and security."


The Harmony do not receive this technology.

Adaptive Taxation SystemsEdit

  • +2 Dust per Population on Planets
  • -7 Dust on improvement

Cost: 1000 Industry

Requires: Orichalcix Orichalcix

"Traditional taxation systems are often slow to change, and risk generating harmful economic behavior--like increasing savings when consumption is needed. Adaptive taxes, however, change instantaneously not only based on economic trends but according to product or service, and by location. As a result, ideal economic behavior is encouraged while government coffers are filled."

Adaptive Tariffs (Amoeba)Edit

Adaptive Tariffs
  • +2 Dust per Population on Planets
  • +1 Dust per Population on Ocean
  • +1 Dust per Population on Jungle
  • +1 Dust per Population on Terran
  • -7 Dust on Improvement

Cost: 1000 Industry

Requires: Orichalcix Orichalcix

"A problem with traditional costing systems -- public or private -- is that they are slow to change. Adaptive tariffication, however, applies a highly sophisticated series of psychological, educational, cultural, and political analyses to ensure maximization of investment. Taxes, pricing, import duties, R&D bonuses, and all manner of financial stimuli can be integrated into a single, highly profitable model."

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