Advanced Reactives is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 27000 Science. It unlocks two Special Modules (Bombers and Troops), requires research in Entangled Systems or in Positron Containment, and allows further research in High Quantum Stability and Quark Effect Weapons.

"These are space-qualified versions of reactive armor, which has layers that are designed to explode when hit. This effect damages the incoming projectiles and nullifies the effects of shaped charges."

Reactive BomberEdit


Cost: 110 Industry Weight: 40+15% Tonnage Slots: 2 Special Slot

"Taking advantage of the latest technologies, reactive systems improve the defensive capabilities of the Bomber while giving its weapons additional armor-piercing punch."

Heavy TroopsEdit


Cost: 70 Industry Weight: 35+10% Tonnage Slots: 1 Special Slot

"A heavily armed and highly mechanized infantry, these troops are more effective in the invasion of star systems."

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