Advanced Countermeasures is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 10500 Science. It unlocks two Star System Improvements, requires research in Personal Shielding or in Evolved Construction, and allows no further research.

"One step better than surviving a hit is to never be hit at all. Advances in remote sensing, electronics, and particle physics result in improved defensive systems to take out incoming attacks."

S2S CountermeasuresEdit

  • +2 Collateral Damage against Aircraft on Star System
  • +250 Defense Anti Aircraft per Population on Star System
  • -3 Dust on improvement

Cost : 2660 Industry

"Firing from a planetary surface into orbit is a tricky business. By using countermeasures technology in warheads, surface-to-space missiles can avoid perturbances due to atmospheric conditions, debris, and orbital defensive systems."

Massively Parallel CountermeasuresEdit

  • +3 Collateral Damage against Troops on Star System
  • +9 Defense Shelter on Star System
  • +4 Control Recovery (Invasion) on Star System
  • -4 Dust on improvement

Cost : 2660 Industry

"This project takes counter-measures from a local to a system-wide area of effect. Ground defenses, orbital defenses, and system defenses coordinate the use of energy and resources as well as share data for real-time tracking of all objects foreign to the system. This data is sent instantaneously and allows the most efficient use of firepower; it also leads to efficient recovery and recycling of scrap."

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