Adaptive Ecologies is a Sophons-specific technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement, requires research in Low-Temp Hydration, and allows no further research.

"Though mentally adventurous, Sophons are not physically daring. To ease their society into space travel and extraplanetary settlement, research must be done to adapt familiar Sophon biospheres to various hostile environments."

Hearth DomesEdit

  • +15 Approval on Helium
  • +10 Approval on Barren
  • +5 Approval on Arctic

"What we would call "hearth" translates into Sophon as "place where I can think without being interrupted." By creating habitats and environments reminiscent of traditional Sophon labs and libraries, inhospitable planets can be made appealing for colonization."

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