Accelerated Evolution is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 25000 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement, requires research in High-Consumption Society, and allows further research in Permanent Advantage.

"Based on the ancient technologies of recombinant gene engineering, accelerated evolution is a pool of techniques that overall permit organisms to adapt and thrive at an [sic] very rapid pace. When applied to crops, it produces densely packed fields of disease- and pest-resistant plants that self-fertilize, adapt to intense climate conditions, and even taste good."


For the Harmony, this technology instead requires research in Advanced Biologics and allows further research in Extreme Consumption.

Permanent PerennialsEdit

  • +100% Food Surplus Bonus on Star System
  • -11 Dust on improvement

Cost: 3800 Industry

Requires: Hyperium Hyperium

"Crops are no longer recognizable as the plants from which they sprung. Nano-enhanced and genetically modified, healthy and immortal plants are food factories that run year-round, regardless of the weather. Continually harvested, self-fertilizing, and auto-regulating, the food supply will simply never run out."

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